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Saffa the final cleaning solution. We have Mona laundry in Kuwait {the oldest laundry} and Al-Diyafa laundry in Dubai. We have assembled 2 detergents 1. Saffa housekeeping which will for 1/3rd the monthly cost renew , brighten the colors, sterilise clean everything and keep like new everything in your home/office for years to come 2. Saffa laundry which will renew, brighten colors, soften regenerate sterilise clean, and keep like new all your laundry, at 1/3rd the monthly cost.


Address: D-62 Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India.
Zip: 110015
Telephone: +91-11-4506-5005
Telephone: +91-981-882-2930
Website: Saffa Detergent (http://www.saffa.in)