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In the afternoon of November 17, 1985 at the Galedaria Galleria in Dubai, the founding members of the American Business Council gathered for what was to be the first of many board meetings. The challenge of making the American Business Council of Dubai a vital forum for exchange of ideas and working as an american chamber, the focus for a new understanding and spirit of cooperation between the American Business community and the UAE Business community of Dubai was in progress. A constitution was adopted, by-laws were established, office space was leased and membership dues were collected. But what happened prior to that official meeting? What were the ingredients necessary to manifest the organization and who was responsible? Ted Old together with Karen Cragnolin and Chadbourne Park & Afridi approached the idea from different angles. In Mr. Olds words, his vision of the ABC was to raise the commercial profile of the American Community in the Emirates; to encourage UAE and the American Communities to move closer together in the sense of becoming more active together; and to promote a productive review of selected commercial issues in Washington to improve American commercial performance in the region. That vision is a reality as the ABC holds a strong and consistent membership of 450 American companies and individuals.


Address: P.O. Box 37068 Dubai United Arab Emirates
Telephone: 971 4 3407566
Fax: 971 4 3407565
Website: http://www.abcdubai.com/