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Mechanical and Civil Engineering Contractors Company Limited (MACE) is based in the United Arab Emirates with its headquarters for the region located in the city of Abu Dhabi. MACE provides a vast range of services to municipalities and oil companies encompassing all aspects of construction and maintenance. MACE prides itself for being a Centre of Excellence in the construction, operation and maintenance fields in the Middle East. Originally established in 1968 as a partnership in Libya, MACE provided a vast range of its services covering all areas of oil field development and maintenance for cross country pipelines, flow lines, pump stations and plant turn arounds. MACE gained an excellent reputation for comprehensive maintenance service of refineries, gas plants, housing and office services as well as catering to isolated areas over 500 Kms into the Libyan desert. Following the successful ventures in Libya, MACE extended operations into Lebanon in 1971. Due to the civil war in the region MACE was forced to suspend activities in 1971. Operations were resumed in the country in 1991.Elsewhere in the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates began to flourish as an important centre for trade and industry due to the oil boom.In response to the intensifying demand for expert mechanical and civil engineering works in the United Arab Emirates, MACE instituted offices in the capital city of Abu Dhabi in 1974. MACE played an instrumental role in establishing the developing infrastructure of the U.A.E. cities including sewerage and water distribution networks, industrial building and hospital construction, turn key structural steel warehousing and operation and maintenance of sewage treatment works. MACE take pride in introducing innovative engineering methods and in applying them. Cathodic protection of subterranean concrete structures, sewer surveys and sewer rehabilitation are such examples.


Address: P. O. Box. 2307 Khalidiyah Street Abu Dhabi
Telephone: 971 2 6666462
Fax: 971 2 6662616
Website: http://www.macecontractors.com/