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Emirates Wet Wipes FZCO in Dubai Directory


Emirates Wet wipes is the largest manufacturer in the gulf for a wide range of wet wipes, refreshing tissues, dry tissues, medicated wipes, hand wash and liquid soap, antiseptic hand gel, feminine hygienic pads and feminine hygienic wet tissues, body wipes, body bath towels for sick and old people, body wipes eye glass cleaner, after shave wipes, house hold wipes. All products are manufactured with a variety of Arabic and Western scents with original perfumes imported from Europe with the high quality and dose not cause allergy or dryness to skin. Each line of our products from the above has a series of items that fall in the same range with a new scent such as Dehn Al Oud, Bakhoor, Rose, Gardenia, Amber, Musk, citron, cologne and several others.


Address: PO Box 18080, Dubai - UAE
Telephone: 971 4 8813131
Fax: 971 4 8819399
Website: http://www.wow-wetwipes.com/