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United Colour Film LLC is a part of the dynamic Al Murad Group of Companies with forays in print, production and media. History is often made in small, unassuming steps. 30 years ago the dynamic Al Murad Group of Companies saw an opportunity to offer services that were in great demand and established United Colour Film LLC. Times were different then. The lack of reliable photo-finishing services in the UAE was the reason why films were sent to Kodak in Beirut and London for printing and developing. With the opening of a humble photo-finishing services laboratory in Ajman and the subsequent forays in print, production and media, the company cemented its reputation as a pioneer of photo-finishing services in the UAE. Today UCF boasts of a chain of 13 one-stop shop Minilabs and 300 Dealer Network spread all over the UAE. Success comes to those who deliver superior value and service. UCF is a much-quoted success story for its vision, service standards, quality of staff and technological prowess. From the ever-reliable and professional Minilabs all over country to the Digital Imaging solutions that add luster to the biggest brands in the world, UCF has always been one step ahead of the competition. Today, UCF has an impeccable reputation created with a sound strategy of anticipating customer needs well in advance and delivering world-class solutions and products. Always at the cutting edge of technology, UCF has always made substantial investments in infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment with highly trained personnel and therefore making sure the customer stays satisfied. At UCF a professional approach to work defines our people. Constant exposure to new technologies, the latest management techniques and hands-on training is the key to our highly motivated team. Our team is highly equipped to handle all our customer needs and even go the extra mile when it comes to service delivery. Its no wonder; our customers have implicit trust in our abilities.


Address: P.O.Box 144, Ajman, UAE
Telephone: 9716 7465-504
Fax: 9716 7466-935
Website: http://www.ucfq.com/