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Magrudys first began back in 1975 and started life as an educational toy shop. Though the main product at the time, we were still selling books from the very beginning. The first bookshop was situated near to where our Educational Resource Centre is now, on the Dubai to Sharjah road. Mind you, back then there were only two lanes of traffic and you could pull across and park your car on a sand lot in front of the bookshop. There were no traffic jams in those days either!.The second bookshop to open was our Jumeirah branch on Beach Road. When it opened, however, it was a standalone store, the mall that is there today built up around it some years later. This was the extent of Magrudys chain for some years where the focus steadily shifted from educational toys to books mostly, but also stationery, cards, toys, bikes, barbeques, wool, materials and almost anything else! In fact, there was a saying amongst customers at the time, If you cant find it anywhere else, go to Magrudys! With the opening of Magrudys biggest branch to date, in Deira City Centre in 2001, books became a major part of our business. Since then our focus has been placed heavily on books with a huge range in several different languages available. From 2003 onwards, branches popped up in the Burjuman Centre and Ibn Battuta Mall sparking a re-imagination of the Magrudys brand. Magrudys Today; Today, Magrudys has 4 major bookshops in Dubai as well as an Educational Resource Centre for schools, teachers and libraries. These bookshops stock toys, gifts, magazines, cards and stationery, but our first love will always be books. These spacious, open-plan shops promote a relaxed atmosphere allowing you to browse in peace whilst ensuring that there is always someone nearby to help should you need it. Smaller Magrudys shops are available in numerous Spinneys supermarkets all around Dubai. These open kiosks, placed for convenience focus solely on books and magazines allowing you to view and buy just as you are passing by.


Address: Magrudy Enterprises LLC, PO Box 1155, Dubai, UAE
Telephone: 00971 (04) 297 4321
Fax: 00971 (04) 297 9862
Website: http://www.magrudy.com/