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1940; The beginnings were humble. Not the elegant modern office with the plush interiors, the exterior telling the world about the Al Madani brand. The climb to success has been rapid, built on a solid base of family background, strong links with the country, evolving global connections, sound financials and highly erudite and professional management. It all started with my father’s modest tailoring shop at the mouth of the creek in Al Ras, Deira. That was in the early 1940’s. Sheikh Abdul Rahman Madani’s shop became extremely popular for two reasons. One, it was frequented by Sheikh Rashid, the founder of modern Dubai and two, it was where my father, young and innovative, made stylish Arab national dresses which were the rage in town. 1970s; Business thrived and flourished. Soon my father took over a few of the neighboring tailoring shops as well. Those were the days when oil was not discovered. With his limited resources, he bought a few pieces of land in the early’60’s. His prudent vision paid rich dividends in the’70’s when the real estate boom multiplied his investment several fold. The mid ’70’s are important to me, for it was the time when my father started the Al Madani Construction Company. It was also the time when I went across oceans to study in the US, on a U.A.E scholarship. Coming from country that had struck black gold recently, petroleum engineering was, quite naturally, the subject of my choice. When I joined my father’s business, I did not occupy the Chief Executive Officer’s chair from day one but went through the mill, learning the nuances of doing business. In 1981, when my company and I were ready for expansion, I chose the apparel line and opened my first shop in Karama.1990s; We were the first to take the simple tailoring shop to the sophisticated shopping malls of Dubai and opened our first Al Madani Tailoring outlet in BurJuman in 1992. we soon established branches in City Centre Dubai and Sharjah, then in Ras Al Khaimah. 2000s; During my extensive travels to the Far East and China, I was enchanted by the Hang Ten® brand, with its broad collection of casual apparel for the entire family and its competitive pricing. I decided that the Al Madani Group would bring this brad to the U.A.E.


Telephone: 00971 4 3520500
Fax: 00971 4 3596068
Website: http://www.hangtenme.com/