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We, Dubai police is considered to be one of the most forward-thinking, traffic fine checker and systematically developed Arab Police Force nowadays. We have around 15000 employees mostly highly educated and qualified in all fields of speciality. Dubai Police is an integral part of UAE Police Force, headed by His Highness Sheihk Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the Crown Prince and Ruler of Dubai. Dubai Police was established on June 1st., 1956 in Naif Fort, this fort has become now one of many police stations in Dubai. To accommodate the increasing no. of Dubai Police Force, a new modern building was built in 1973, and so, the Head Quarters moved to its present location in Al-Towar Area, Al- Itihad Street. Our Solgan is Quality, henceforth, we adopted excellent performance standards to measure our organizational performance and implemented a detailed job descriptions system for our tasks and responsibilities. We plan strategically with the aim of making procedures simple and easy while managing our financial and human resources more effectively. We are proud of our creative initiatives, appreciate personal recognition and team work. We won many prizes locally and internationally for our achievements. In many cases, we were in the first position. Furthermore, we take pride in being the first Arabic Police Force to implement the DNA testing in criminal investigations, car fine check, electronic finger prints, paperless work concept, utilizing the automatic vehicle locator (AVL) by using Loran C signals in the Gulf area, as well as, using satellite and GPS for automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) even before it was used in many European and foreign countries. Considering the importance of effectively communicating with community, we adopted Community Policing and Human Rights programs. We always try to stay one step ahead of others by providing new, developed, electronic services, such as renewing your UAE driving license (if you are a resident or a citizen of UAE) from any part of the world.


Address: P.O.Box: 1493, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Telephone: 0971 4 8004353
Fax: 0971 4 2215158
Website: http://www.dxbtraffic.gov.ae/