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  • Infrared Motion - Revolutionary Weight Loss Machine  [Featured]
    Revolutionary new weight loss machine - Perfect Forms Sun 400 Infrared Exercise Bicycle. Amazing results for your clients, and a huge money-maker for your business. Perfect for the established spa or salon, or a business start-up. Low investment, hig ...
  • Dr. Sulaikha Hamza  [Featured]
    Dr. Sulaikha Hamza B.H.M.S, one of the pioneers in practicing Homeopathy in UAE, has joined the Gulf Medical Centre, Near DNATA, Dubai. For the last 8 years she was doing her practice in Dubai. Before that she worked as Tutor in Government Homeopathi ...
  • Agro Food & Commodities  [Featured]
    Food distributor sugar, rice, pulses, grain, canned food. We also trade at international level. ...
  • Standard Medical Clinic  [Featured]
    Standard Medical Clinic serves you a quality standard procedures. SMC founded in 2002 by Dr. Khadishat Sadulaeva, offering you a quality standard dental treatment for all patients. SMC focused on a complete range of routine check up, preventive care, ...
  • Medical Tourism India Inc.  [Featured]
    ISO 9001:2008 Certified medical tourism facilitator wishes to appoint affiliates to send their patients to India. We offer very professional services and treatment at accredited hospitals only. ...
  • Radiculitis  [Featured]
    Symptoms of radiculitis always occur unexpectedly. Nothing foreshadows it’s emerging — but it may happen. Any awkward movement causes strong pain in your back. This pain could be intolerable, eyes are full of tears, you can hardly bend and straig ...
  • Intellihealth + Rejuvenation Center  [Featured]
    IntelliHealth + rejuvenation center is a full service medical clinic specializing in Anti-Aging, Cell Therapy, Cosmetic Applications and Regenerative Medicine. Our Integrative approach in Medicine offers individualized treatment programs for patients ...
  • Laser Hair Removal Dubai  [Featured]
    Laser Hair Removal We use the latest technology in the science of hair removal. Unlike other lasers, we use an innovative dual laser approach to the most advanced laser treatments, features two distinct greatest laser channels (Alexandrite + Nd:YA ...
  • Physio Care
    Equipped with the most advanced electrotherapy and exercise therapeutic modalities, physiocares primary focus is to restore function and improve the patients quality of life, through caring, skillful and personalized application of exemplary physioth ...
  • Carboholix Health Food Store
    Carboholix contain unique nutrition food, healthy food, diet food, low carb, diabetes foods high protein low carb snacks, low fat desserts, low carb pasta and low carb breads to help improve the human condition or cope with life daily challenges. ...

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