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Stellar inflight has delivered top quality ife content and technical solutions for 36 years, making us the longest established ife service provider in the industry. We've come far from the specialist audio programmer who answered a newspaper advertisement from Qantas in 1974 - who, like ourselves, were ife pioneers. stellar and Qantas have an unbroken 36 year relationship and many of our clients we’ve been working with for a decade or more, so that says a lot about commitment and success. over the years we’ve expanded our services and today we offer video and audio programming, video production, graphic design, print design and production and technical services to name a few of the things we'll be happy to manage on your behalf.


Address: Dubai Studio City, Behinde Arabian Ranches, Other, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Telephone: 009 714 445 8236
Website: http://www.stellarinflight.com