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U.S. forecasts and advisories on the wunderground.com web site are generated by the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS transmits the data to a satellite data feed called NOAAPORT insuring rapid delivery of NWS information within seconds of when it is sent out. The Weather Undergrounds maintains a NOAAPORT satellite dish that continually collects NWS information. The NWS issues forecasts specific for every county in the U.S. two to four times per day, or more often when conditions warrant. Current U.S. Conditions; Most U.S. current condition data comes from the Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) stations located at about 1600 airports throughout the country. The Federal Aviation Administration maintains these sites and provides location and contact information. The current condition information is updated once per hour, or more frequently when adverse weather affecting aviation occurs (low visibilities, precipitation, etc). Some stations using human weather observers (typically military bases) do not report conditions at night. When a user requests a U.S. forecast from wunderground.com, the geographically closest current condition station is displayed, along with a pull-down menu of the three next closest stations. Current International Conditions; International current condition data updates at 1, 3, or 6 hour intervals, depending upon the station. Some countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and many countries in Africa, send no data at all. Transmission errors and equipment failures are common in the international data stream; when a station goes more than 24 hours without sending a report, we will not display the current condition (or forecast) information for that site. The Weather Underground receives data for about 12000 international cities. International Forecasts; The International forecasts covering 12000 international cities are generated twice per day using output from the AVN computer forecast model run at the U.S. National Weather Services National Center for Environmental Prediction. Custom software designed at The Weather Underground takes output from the AVN model and comes up with forecasts for 12000 international cities. The forecasts do reasonably well for a large number of locations, but do poorly in some locations, particularly mountainous areas. We are developing new software enable us to improve these forecasts in the near future.


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