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Superor quality Glazing Powder

CAS No.:108-78-1
HS Code :39092000
Byname: Glazing Powder
Appearance :White powder
Molecular Formula : C2H4N20

GLAZING POWDER , also known as Melamine resin powder, molecular structure and melamine-formaldehyde resin moulding powder is basically the same, are of polymers response to formaldehyde and melamine resin powder of dried milled material, and thus without pulp, also known as "overlay fine powder."Include:LG110 type, LG220 type,LG250-type three varieties.

Application of different model
LG110: Mainly used in urea formaldehyde molding powder (UF) and melamine- urea powders Finish processes.
LG220: Mainly used in melamine molding powder (MF) products finish processes.
LG250: Mainly used in painting a paper flower in utensils.
Standard: GB-13454-92

4.Packing : 25kg ,500kg and 1000kg /pp bag ,shipping marks can be advised.