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Product Name: iBonus Staff Card , iBonus Master Card, iBonus Member Card
Product Category: Loyalty Cards
Product Sub-category: Smart Cards
iBonus Staff Cards from AVI Infosys, in conjunction with the iBonus terminal, provide a full spectrum of applications to companies of all sizes around the world. To loyalty card applications to corporate affinity programs and from employee auditing to employee monitoring, these staff cards can be programmed to deliver a rich and hi-tech user experience including employee identification, access restriction and the management of employee preferences.
Facilitates staff auditing
Reconfirms less frequently used staff card transactions
Limits staff activity at a particular branch
Limits maximum transaction values
Easy to create

Technical specifications
Mifare Standard 1K

RF contactless operates at 13.56 MHz
Standard NXP Mifare Card
1K bytes, 15 sectors, 48 bytes each
R/W is protected by encryption key, 48 bit triple DES
Raw data is scrambled by 64 bit DES
High security-- suitable for prepaid and loyalty applications
Free sectors can be reserved for multiple loyalty or for any other purposes

Mifare Ultralight 512 bit
512 bits. 48 bytes of which is available
Raw data is scrambled by 64 bit DES
Raw data is equivalent to that of the first sector in Mifare Classics
Suitable for loyalty applications
Warranty: One Year Warranty
Annual Maintenance Contract: Available