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PETRO TEK in the UAE operating unit provides high quality lubricants to a wide range of industry. From underground mines to makers of complex metal components including automotive, appliance and aerospace manufacturers, we have products to meet the specialized needs of our customers. With constant developing trends the new products meet the ever changing demands of modern industry. Improved productivity, reduced cost, improved worker safety, and reduced environmental impact are just a few of the benefits we provide.

Industrial Products:
The demands made on today's high performance machines are constantly growing. Increased utilization and efficiency leads to higher speeds and greater forces, the superior properties of these oils exceed machine manufacturer's specifications and guidelines by far. Extended oil change intervals and reduced maintenance expenses help cut costs.
For a broad range of applications and excellent long-life characteristics which provide optimum lubricity and minimum wear even under severe loads, industrial lubricants help increase performance, profitability and the life of machines and equipment.

Hydraulic Oil:
We have a full range of hydraulic oils, including zinc free hydraulic oils, zinc containing hydraulic oils, synthetic hydraulic oils, hydraulic oils with detergency properties as well as hydraulic oils with viscosity improvers. We also have fire retardant hydraulic and food grade hydraulic oils. Whatever the need, be sure we can cover it for you!

Industrial Gear Oils:
The demands made on gear oils have risen significantly. New developments in the field of technology are mostly accompanied by increases in component performance: More performance or higher capacity needs to be transferred in ever shorter periods of time. At the same time, components and gearboxes become increasingly smaller and compact.
A gear oil, as one of the most important and complex engineering elements, must satisfy changing application conditions and performance requirements. Oil volumes get smaller, oil circulation cycles increase and the energy transferred to the lubricant increases. This leads to an increase in the thermal and oxidative load on the lubricant. And in addition, the technical demands on industrial lubricants have changed dramatically over recent years these have become more stringent. New, complex bench tests with exact thresholds have been developed to better reflect the demands and problem areas in drive trains and gears. Whatever the application we can provide products to meet your needs.

Slideway Oils:
The guides and slideways fitted to supports, tables and tool-holders are among the most important load-bearing elements of machine tools. Particular demands made on these slideways are high operational precision and high performance. The dimensional accuracy and surface finish of machined components is greatly influenced by the stick-slip behaviour of slideways and guide rails.
The slideway oil used is of particular importance to achieving optimum accuracy. To avoid chatter marks on component surfaces resulting from high surface pressures and slow feeds, a sufficiently adhesive lubricating film must be present on slideways and guides. This film must eliminate stick-slip, combat wear and avoid corrosion.

Compressor Oils:
Lubrication has a significant influence on the behaviour of compressors and their reliability. It is therefore vital that the right lubricant is selected to ensure reliable, economical and safe operation.

Refrigeration Compressor Oils:
Refrigeration oils play an important role in the area of lubricants and lubrication technology. The expected long life of refrigerant compressors largely depends on the quality of the refrigeration oil. we can offer you the best refrigeration compressor oil for your compressor and your specific application.

Turbine Oils:
The global demand for energy continues to increase. Apart from the building of new power stations, an ever greater emphasis is also being placed on increasing the efficiency of energy production.
The use of new technologies in power stations and the increasing efficiency and performance of gas and steam turbines is placing greater demands on the performance of the lubricants used in these applications.
Significantly lower oil volumes for higher-performance turbines along with the use of oil circuits in combined cycle gas and steam turbines require long-life turbine oils which display, among others, outstanding thermal oxidation stability and excellent water and air release properties.

Transformer Oils:
Transformer oil is a highly-refined mineral oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. It is used in oil-filled transformers, some types of high voltage capacitors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, and some types of high voltage switches and circuit breakers. Its functions are to insulate, suppress corona and arcing, and to serve as a coolant.
The expected life of transformer oil is 40 years or more. In order to meet this expectation, TRANSFORMER OIL has good chemical stability when exposed to elevated temperatures, which is essential to prevent the formation of acidic materials that impair the insulating properties of the oil.

Chain Saw:
Saw Chain Oil is a mineral based lubricating oil blended from specially selected base oils, anti-wear and tackiness additives to make it suitable as a premium quality oil for use in agricultural chains, and other chain applications.

Heat Transfer:
Heat Transfer Oils can be used in enclosed circulated heat transfer systems for industrial applications such as process industry, chemical plants, textile producers etc. and in household equipment such as oil filled radiators.

Rockdrill Oils:
Rock drill lubricants are subjected to one of the most difficult environments (dust, dirt, moisture) and severe operations encountered than any other lubricant application. Factors include heavy loading, high speeds, high temperature, acidic water, dirt and other solid impurities, close tolerances, an often hostile, enclosed working environment and even abusive operation by the machine operator.

Steam Cylinder Oils:
Cylinder oils are extra high performance high viscosity oils designed for use in enclosed worm gears operating at moderate to high speeds and temperatures, and where heavy loads, slow speeds or high temperatures demand high viscosity oils. They are also intended for use in all steam engine applications. They are formulated from high quality base stocks that are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation, and the build-up of harmful deposits caused by the high operating temperatures of steam cylinders. They protect against rust and corrosion and provide good film strength and excellent lubricity and they are resistant to water washout.