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Superor quality Melamine powder

CAS NO :108-78-1
Byname: Melamine
EINECS No.:203-615-4
Appearance :White powder
HS Code:2933610000
Molecular Formula : C3H8N6
Molecular Weight :998

2.Properties:Melamine is non-toxic and odorless crystalline powder, which can dissolve in glyceline, pyridine,heat ethylene glycol, acetic acid and formaldehyde.It is difficult soluble in the ether, benzene and tetrachloromethane.It will sublimate when heated, heated slongly it will decomposite.

3.Uses:melamine is mainly used for manufacturing melaminoformal dehyde resin, which is well water, heat and arc resistant and bright. It can also be used in decorative laminates, aminoplastics, adhesive agents, coatings and used as a paper reinforcing agent, textile auxiliaries, cement water-reducing .

4.Packing : 25kg ,500kg and 1000kg /pp bag ,shipping marks can be advised.