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Listed Date: 06 March, 2013
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Superor quality Melamine Sponge

Color: White , Pink ,Gray.
Density: 8.5kg/m3---17kg/m3.

1.Properties:Magic Melamine Sponge is magic in cleaning, it is a difficult question that everyone has to face.The scraw by children, the annoying stains in the kitchen and bathroom, the bothersome stains in your beloved car,to clean them by the traditional way, time-consuming, labor-consuming.Being busy with work, are you annoyed by such troublesome cleaning?Did you try to find an eco-friendly, more effective cleaning products? Magic Melamine sponge is your best choice!

Cleaning principle:
Magic melamine sponge, it is also called nano sponge, melamine foam, is a new, eco-friendly cleaning products in 21st centry.It overturns the traditional way of cleaning. No need any detergent, only with water, it can remove stubborn stains easily! The most distinguish with the traditional cleaning sponge is that it adopts physical cleaning principle. Only with water, the three-dimensional network structure becomes nano cell.
During cleaning, it can automatically absorb the stains on the surface.It is like countless superstrong mini cleaners working together.Only with water, without any detergent, it can clean the surface as clean as new! No vestigial, Absolutely safe!

1. House furnishing products: tea set, bowl and plate, plastic, glass, sofa, leather shoes, sports shoes, wall, floor, switch panel, door and window, table and chair, children’s toys, etc.
2. Household electrical appliances: telephone, air conditioner, fans, electric cooker, washing machine, etc.
3. Bathroom products: mirror, table-board, bathtub, ceramic tile, closes tool, etc.
4. Ironware: tap, finger bowl, vegetable plate, pendant, handles, etc.
5. Office supplies: computer, telephone, fax, copier, tables and chair, cabinet, etc.
6. Car applicants: leather sheath for seats, car glass, the proscenium of the car.