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Sell 100% Pure Black Seed Oil - For Sale

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Price: AED 74
Location: United Arab Emirates Sharjah Abu Tina
Purpose: For Sale
Category: Agriculture
Status: Active
Listed Date: 03 March, 2010
Ad Expiry Date: Never Expires
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Contact Person: Nauman Zafar
Tel: +92-21-32732285
Cell: +92-21-2765942
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We introduce ourselves as an exporter of basmati rice and carrier/essential oils
1. Apricot kernel oil
botanical name: prunus armeniaca
urdu name: khasta
2. Bitter almond oil
botanical name: prunus amygdalus
urdu name: karwa badaam
3. Black seed oil (black cumin seed oil)
botanical name: nigella sativa
urdu name: kalongi, kalonji
4. Caraway oil
botanical name: carum carvi
urdu name: kala zeera
5. Cumin seed oil
botanical name: cuminum cyminum
urdu name: sufaid zeera
6. Fennel seed oil (aniseed oil)
botanical name: foeniculum vulgare
urdu name: saunf
7. Grape seed oil
botanical name: vitis vinifera
urdu name: angoor ka beech
8. Pumpkin seed oil
botanical name: curcurbita pepo
urdu name: kaddo, kaddoo, kaddu
9. Pistachio oil
botanical name: pistacia vera
urdu name: pista
10. Sesame oil
botanical name: sesamum indicum
urdu name: till
11. Sweet almond oil
botanical name: prunus amygdalus
urdu name: meetha badaam
12. Walnut oil
botanical name: juglans regia
urdu name: akhroot
13. Celery oil
botanical name: apium graveolens
urdu name: ajwain
14. Wild violet oil
botanical name: viola serpens
urdu name: binafsha
15. Apple bitter oil
botanical name: citrullus colocynthis
urdu name: tumba
16. Guava oil
botanical name: psidium guajava
urdu name: amrood ka beech
17. Nutmeg oil
botanical name: myristica fragrans
urdu name: jaefal
18. Rose oil
botanical name: rosa damascena
urdu name: lal gulab
if you have any inquiries regarding given oils above then do no hesitate to contact us.