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Price: AED 850
Location: United Arab Emirates Sharjah Abu Sangara
Purpose: For Sale
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Listed Date: 02 April, 2013
Ad Expiry Date: 02 July, 2013
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Specification of water purification system, Pure water for healthy life. Purify your water from all forms of impurities. Introducing 7 stages reverse osmosis water purification system sediment filter: removes rust, dust, wooden pieces, metal chips (led-copper) bacteria and chlorine from the water. Booster pump: enhances the pressure of water at 120psi (per square inch).
Granular activated cartridge filter: removes bad taste, odor, sulphur and chlorine. Dual purpose filter: does same work as the first three stages. Reverse osmosis: makes water flat/9 semi permeable membrane. Water tank: stores the water. Ultra violet lamp: kills all the bacteria virus and germs.
One year limited replacement warranty.
Free installation.
One set of consumable cartridges.