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  • Cable Fault Location Services
    Cable cure Electro mechanical works is a Dubai based company with extensive experience in Electric Utilities. We are specialized in Under Ground cable fault location and Repair, Low voltage to high tension up to to132 kV, system Voltage, Power and Co ...
  • Ajman Real Estate Centre Location
    Home center is a professional organization that provides consultation and strategies to buy or sell property in almost every sector. ...
  • Signature Offices
    Company in Dubai providing serviced offices on the 5th and 7th floors of the Fairmont Dubai building; has 24 modern corporate office suites accommodating between 1 and 4 persons; services include free meeting room, telephone answering etc. ...
  • Al Attar Business Tower
    Al Attar Business Tower offers screed floors with flush interchangeable three compartment trucking up to level eight. Raised access flooring, where maximum height is 150mm, provides maximum flexibility for cable and offices layout for upper floor. Th ...
  • Scorpio Real Estate
    Specialist in renting the commercial and residential properties like villas, shops, apartments and offices in prime location in Dubai. ...
  • Google Maps
    Find your required location world wide as countries like UAE (Al Qusais), USA, Canada, Uk and etc from just one click on Google Maps. A visitor can also look for the churches, mosques, shops, malls, etc. ...
  • Qatar Airways
    Travel by air has reached the point where it is now taken for granted in most corners of the globe. With larger number of passengers and more choice available in the skies, airlines looking to maintain and grow their position in the marketplace must ...
  • Ministry Of Public Works
    The Ministry of Public Works (MOPW) in Dubai and the UAE governs all public work related issues. ...
  • The Ministry of Labour (MOL)
    The Ministry of Labour (MOL) or Labour Department in Dubai and the UAE governs all work related issues. The MOL is responsible for issuing work permits (or labour cards) and imposing labour bans on those who are entitled to one. The Ministry of Labor ...
  • Air Arabia
    Air arabia’s mission is to revolutionise air travel in the region through an innovative business approach offering superb value for money and a safe, reliable operation. To achieve this we will be known for our low fares, grow our business profitably ...
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