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Total poland consulate companies: 51

  • The Consulate of the Republic of Singapore
    The Consulate of the Republic of Singapore was opened in Nov 1996 and was upgraded to a Consulate-General in Oct 2005. The mission of the Consulate-General is to safeguard the interests of Singaporeans visiting, living and working in the United Arab ...
  • Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Dubai-UAE
    The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Dubai has been operating since February 2003. The establishment of the Consulate reflected the increasing of economic ties between two countries. Most of Indonesian products in the Middle East ma ...
  • Embassy Of The Republic Of Poland Abu Dhabi UAE
    The Republic of Poland is one of the largest countries in Central Europe, ranking eight in area. It is borders Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. Its northern frontier is the Baltic Sea. Poland is a land of ...
  • Egypt Consulate Embassy United Arab Emirates
    This site aims at presenting the activities performed by the embassy and the Egyptian Consulate specialized offices in the UAE, the political, economic, commercial, cultural, and informational bilateral relations between Egypt and UAE, as well as all ...
  • Egyptian Consulate General in San Francisco
    The entire Egyptian Consulate General, including the staff and myself, is looking forward to continuing the long tradition of serving the Egyptian Community in those States and we hope to continue and strengthen the already numerous successful relati ...
  • South African Consulate General, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Official website of The Consulate General of South Africa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Republic of South Africa is situated at the southern top of Africa, famously known as "A World in One Country". It boasts a cosmopolitan society and diverse g ...
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